If you dream of a wedding in an environment intertwined with nature instead of weddings held in Istanbul, we have a good offer for you!

A wonderful environment awaits you at Royal Wedding Şile, where we host the invitations you organize on your happiest days! You can witness every tone of green in our place where we have been organizing invitations such as weddings, engagements and promise to wedding, where happy couples have shared their joys with their precious friends and relatives for years. If you want to make your wedding in a place where you can spend time intertwined with the nature that you have trouble finding today in Istanbul, our place is for you! Our place, where our poolside area is also located, is located in one of Şile's convenient locations. In this way, your dear guests can come to your wedding very comfortably.

In our place where we have the capacity to host 400 to 500 guests, we are preparing special seating arrangements to ensure that your guests can have fun in the most comfortable way. For example; We can create special family tables for your guests attending your wedding together with their family, as well as prepare seating arrangements that allow more crowded groups to have fun together. We preferred to use white color predominantly in our tables and chairs in our garden. Together with white, which symbolizes innocence and simplicity, we managed to create a stylish and decent environment. If you have a theme that you want to dominate at your wedding, we can use different color covers and dressings in our tables and chairs within this concept. Also, if you want to bring your wedding to life, you can create menus from the tastes best suited to your taste by participating in menu tastings.

If you prefer Royal Wedding Şile to make an unforgettable wedding even after a long time, you can contact us immediately.